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ETG Civil Engineering has a team of experienced engineers who are constantly checking and monitoring all projects.


ETG continues to invest extensively into the latest surveying technology.  We are constantly researching new ways of engineering our sites to ensure productivity is faster and safer for our clients and workforce. 


ETG now uses the latest drone technology to carry out all our site surveying along with equipping our machinery with the latest in GPS machine control to ensure we achieve a more accurate and efficient result.


Prior to commencement on any project our proficient engineering team will research the site in depth using all our resources to produce models and surveys to ensure that we establish accurate cut and fill volumes. 


As part of the ‘upfront’ services for our expanding client base we plan to work with the information we have established to commercially assess and value engineer opportunities. This can be raising or lowering levels to reduce carting material off site or to save on imported aggregates. At the inception stage of a project we can also assess the ground and level suitability to suggest whether lime and/or cement stabilisation would benefit the scheme from a commercial and time saving point of view.  


Engineering Support Typically Includes:


  • Surveying (OGL’s, topographical, formation surveys and cut/fill projection for traditional and stabilised projects)

  • Drone surveying

  • Setting out (site works)

  • Cut and Fill models 2d and 3d with supporting quantities using the latest software

  • GPS machine control

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